Rachel Woroner shares with LFF some of her work from her recent book entitled “Excerpts from 2013” and the very personal inspirations behind it, as well as feminism, collaboration and more…                                                                                                                        






Excerpts from 2013 is now available at Dashwood Books online and in store! 


SPBH Collection
Excerpts From 2013 by Rachel Woroner





Photography of Rachel Woroner from Canada

Rachel Woroner (b. 1991) is a Toronto, Canada based photographer. Her portrait photography is an autobiographical and life-logging narrative that explore relationships at interpersonal and family levels. Her photos have been featured in various notable print and online magazines and blogs. The images presented here is a selection of her recent photographs.


Mull It Over interview

JC: Is it important to you to be a part of a creative community?

RW: It is! I’m not sure I am a part of anything that would be called a “creative community” but with the internet and social media, I am constantly connected to a visual community. While I do find it increasingly difficult to separate the mad cataloguing of my life in images on my phone, with my artistic practice. And it is often that the two do become one, the internet allows me to access a vast variety of creative communities and content that I am constantly inspired by. Because of this, I am all the more challenged into creating better, stronger and more defined photographs.